• At StreamBright, we help you to harness the World’s most valuabel resource: Data
  • Our data scientists and engineers will make sure to level up your analytics and data infrastructure game.
  • Tap into our domain and technology expertise to develop a custom product that will wow your audience.
  • From startup to enterprise problems we are ready to tackle any challenges and help you make better software.

Turn data into business insights

It is a cliché that you need to make data-driven decisions but that is easier said than done. Data driven decisions can contribute getting more revenue, optimizing expenses, increase customer satisfaction, decrease churn and other various ways to help you and your business succeed. Streambright helps you discover the potential in your data and design the best pipeline to turn it into business insights. We have experience with data in any size and form. Our experts built analytical systems and pipelines able to handle petabytes of data with high reliability. We know the cutting-edge open source and commercial big data solutions to build your data pipeline to feed data from diverse sources for analysis.